• Printed coatings
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    On a concrete base, machined with the use of molds and special additives and coloring, is possible today, to play a wide range of flooring and walls in stone. The result is a product that combines...
  • New 100% italian “solid surface”
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    The new 100% italian and technologically advanced “solid surface” (homogeneous material throughout its thickness), is composed of a high percentage of natural minerals (ATH derived from bauxite)...
  • Mosaic and street-art
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    A new range of customizable cladding panels is producing, thanks to new manufacturing technologies and from the encounter of glass mosaics with the language of street-art, realized with square tiles...
  • A laminate made from stone blocks
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    Veneer with a thickness ranging from 0.8 to 2.0 mm can be obtained from blocks of natural stone by using an innovative laser technology. The veneer is held together and reinforced with fibreglass and...
  • Natural lime plaster with marble dust
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    In the field of green building is now available lime plaster with marble dust and natural minerals. Finishing with bees' wax and natural soaps creates an ancient and natural surface typical of ...
  • Decorative panels carved with a laser
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    The laser technology allows to create decorative panels on supports made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) using a numerical control machines, driven by complex softwares to obtain extraordinary...