Advice request

“if you are sure that an expert can
help you to live better your spaces only in
exchange for a lot of money, ask an
advice and let us to surprise you „
Register with this web-site is necessary to get an advice; registration is completely free and it is not necessary to buy services, anyway. If you sign in with your account, you can enter into a personal page (your privacy is guaranteed), where you’ll follow the steps of the project and you will keep your advices and your budgets. If you’ll want it, you’ll receive our newsletter to be informed about news in the world of design. What can you do to get a design consultancy, on line? After registering, to seek an advices is very easy and at the beginning it is free. Sign in now and send your request for an advice. Then, you’ll get an estimate of expenditure that is valid for a fixed period. If you’ll want it., you’ll accept and pay it. In a short time, considering the complexity of the required project, you’ll get the information in your personal area. The advice will be accompanied by an illustration of the project idea with the necessary technical drawings and sketches, as well as some suggestions for its realization. If you need other clarification, you can also check the FAQ or send us an e-mail from the “contact” section. Otherwise, click on “next step” to give necessary information to issue an estimate that is coherent with your needs.