Urban redevelopment project in the heart of Casoria

Urban redevelopment project in the heart of Casoria


For the town of Casoria we designed a urban requalify of a park and a museum. The area of intervention concerns an extension of 28.400m2. It seemed to be an untamed and landlocked area. This, however, is very interesting because it can carry out the role in stitching the tissues between the consolidated city and new residential area built in the 80 Project objectives are: 1.break this marginal condition through a redesign of the urban fabric ; 2.integrate the various components of the urban city 3.define a space "urban park" that becomes an element of re-stitching in which drop their building objects.

The palace of the arts is on four floors, one basement and three above ground, the second level is the main access to the museum and the first exhibition hall, here through a tunnel, at the West, which is a real journey Exhibition strong visual communication, leads to the third and fourth level where there are the museum functions and related services. In particular, the fourth level on the terrace provides a space for exhibition and outdoor areas for dining, the terrace is protected on two sides and free on the other two where you can look towards the garden of the exposures.